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Let’s be Vikings: A Feast for Odin Review

Overall Feeling A Feast for Odin is the latest from Uwe Rosenberg of Agricola fame, a worker placement game in an age of Vikings, of farming, of exploration, of good old raiding, pillaging and plundering.  You complete with other Viking tribes to gain the most victory points, earned through a variety of different channels like …

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Fast Food in the Flying Fifties: Food Chain Magnate Review

We broke in a couple of new games a week or so ago out in Northwest Chicago.  The first one we broke out was the 1950s-themed Food Chain Magnate, a fun little business-oriented game where you battle as competing food chains in a single city. Overall Feeling Food Chain Magnate does a nice job of …

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Castles and more Castles: The Castles of Mad King Ludwig Review

Castles of Mad King Ludwig review by Roman For those who know me through Epic Duels, what I love about the game is the way it creates a feeling of the duel that’s happening. You can imagine blasters firing, lightsabers flashing, and characters dropping famous lines and big attacks on one another. That’s sort of …

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