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And all the hotness: Gloomhaven Review

While members of our group have been dabbling in Gloomhaven for a while now, we finally took on all the hotness from Boardgamegeek as a group to see for ourselves.  It may not quite have been up to such hype, but it delivered as a game and is probably the best fantasy adventure board game …

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Swords and Sorcery in a Cartoon World: Arcadia Quest Review

So we broke out the game Arcadia Quest the other day, put together trio squads of cartoonish eleves and bashed Orcs and Trolls by throwing dice.  So yeah, it was loads of fun.  Here’s a review: Overall Feeling Arcadia Quest completes its own quest of putting you in the middle of an action sequence, with …

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Castles and more Castles: The Castles of Mad King Ludwig Review

Castles of Mad King Ludwig review by Roman For those who know me through Epic Duels, what I love about the game is the way it creates a feeling of the duel that’s happening. You can imagine blasters firing, lightsabers flashing, and characters dropping famous lines and big attacks on one another. That’s sort of …

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