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What Are the Best 2-Player Board Games?

While a lot of games can be played as 2-player games, there is a small group of games that does 2-player particularly well.  There are a lot of great 2-player games that aren’t getting mentioned because these games are all games where 2-player is either the only option, or the best option.  They’re listed in …

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What would the ultimate (space) pirate game look like?

One of the most epic experiences of my gaming youth was playing Sid Meier’s Pirates on the Commodore 64 and other platforms. Some of the elements included: Sailing the Caribbean. Wars between nations. Choosing which one(s) to side with, and changing allegiances. Attacking merchant boats. Fending off or fighting pirates, or pirate hunters, or naval …

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Don’t Wake the Dragon: Clank! Review

With only a couple of hours left for gaming after advancing our epic Pathfinder adventure, we were able to play through a game of Clank!: A Deck-Building Adventure (2016) and it was great fun.  It’s a deck-building game with a dungeon map, treasure, and a fearsome dragon.  You’re a treasure-stealing thief type with your aim to …

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