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Adepticon 2018 Recap

Adepticon 2018 was a blast so its time to look back at some photos and do a quick recap of a walk down vendor hall. I know this post is belated but better late than never. AdeptiCon hosts over 450 events, from board games and miniature games to hobby seminars, team trivia and social gatherings. …

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Rob’s new games: Rob Daviau Interview Part 4 of 5

After seeing a recent surge of interest in Epic Duels here and on the Wiki, I contacted Rob Daviau , the original creator of Star Wars Epic Duels, and requested an interview.  He agreed, and we met in person at the NYC Toy Fair in February.  This is the fourth part of our 10-minute conversation. Roman:  There was going to be a …

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Shhh! Ex Libris Review

Ex Libris is a new game (2017) that pits you as competing librarians arranging books.  What could be easier, right?  It’s actually a fairly involved game with a lot of intrigue and fun.  It’s yet another good game if you’ve got the time, quick enough for a warmup but involved enough to play repeatedly over …

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