Cassian Andor

Minor(s): K-2SO

Updated 1/19/18.

This deck is actually rounding into form as a rebel freedom fighter who has enough cards to make a plan to beat you.  Just changing some of the card names sort of unlocked the feeling for this deck, a heroic stealthy sniper with a powerful damage-dealing droid.  This version is very similar to some of the Bounty Hunter types of decks, high on direct damage and with some big attacks, but extremely fragile and will go down quickly in most games.  Although I didn’t want to make K-2 a Chewbacca-level threat, I do sneak the Minor Blue deck in there to make sure he at least has sturdy defense to protect Cassian a bit, even though K-2 is more of a Brown deck character.  Beyond that, this version of K-2 is strictly a direct damage machine that can finish off an opponent, not one who can stand on his own if Cassian goes down without doing something.

Writing of doing something, I’m throwing an old idea at the MAKE TEN FEEL LIKE A HUNDRED card, even if that card doesn’t necessarily fit this specific deck or even the quote.  It was originally a heal-and-take-from-discard-pile card, but the healing especially is kind of meh, not like the quote from the movie.  This card is potentially big with all the direct damage they can do along with Cassian’s A8s.  It’s included in the spirit of believing that every deck has to do something, it can’t just be offense, defense, movement, and healing, without any interesting combos or unique abilities. Cassian gets this little trick he can play along with some combo moves he can do with K-2.

Cassian & K-2S0
by Roman Farraday

Cassian Andor
16 HP
Yellow Deck

10 HP
Minor Blue Deck

Cassian – 8 cards

3x Freedom Fighter
A4.  After attacking, move Cassian up to 4 spaces.

2x Sniper
A8.  This card may not be used if Cassian, K-2SO or any allies are adjacent to the target.

2x Stealth Attack
Move Cassian and K-2SO up to 3 spaces each. They may move through enemies. After moving, Cassian and K-2S0 may each do 2 damage to an adjacent enemy.

1x Make Ten Feel Like A Hundred
You may take three total actions on this turn. Your turn ends once your third action is complete. Playing this card does not count as an action.

K-2SO – 4 cards

2x Another Fresh One
K-2SO does 3 damage to one adjacent character.  Move that character to any space up to 2 spaces away from K-2SO.

2x Blaster Barrage
K-2SO does 2 damage to all characters he can attack as if he had a blaster. Draw a card.

Figures: Corellian Pirate for Cassian, PROXY Droid for K-2SO.





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