Kit Fisto

Minor(s): 2 Clone Troopers

This is the last Kisto Fisto deck we have actually agreed upon, though it has kind of always let us down, so we’re not making it available on Vassal. Instead, we’re tinkering with a new one that you can play on Vassal, even though I’m not sure it’s any better.

by Geektopia.  Inspired by PD Magnus’ original design.

Kit Fisto
16 HP
22 cards
Blue Deck

2 Clone Troopers
4 HP each
9 cards
Weak Ranged Minor Deck

Kit Fisto – 12 Talent Cards

A7.  Fisto may exchange places with one of his Clone Troopers.

A5*.  If your opponent has any cards face up from NAUTOLEAN INSIGHT, they may not be used to defend this attack.

D6.  Do 2 damage to any character Fisto could attack with a blaster.

Move any character adjacent to Fisto to any space on the board.  Character takes 2 damage.

Move each Clone Trooper up to 4 spaces.  Move Fisto up to 4 spaces.  Draw a card.

Choose an opponent.  Opponent must place his hand face up and play cards from the face up position. Newly drawn cards can be played normally.

Theme: A steady, all-around game with some insight
Strengths: Solid hit-and-run, solid defense, solid movement, FORCE PUSH
Weaknesses: Not overwhelming, low card drawing power, weak minors
Strategy: Front line fighter who wins a long, drawn-out game
Test Level: Medium, he’s gone through a lot of changes but I think we’ve settled on this one in 2nd half of 2010
Tier: 2

Inspiration: PD’s original design got us going on the idea.  The best thing about that deck was the BATTLE SPIRIT card, but we thought that card was a better fit for Qui-Gon.  Ever since then, we’ve struggled to figure out what to do with Fisto (meanwhile, Qui-Gon works great).  CLONE CHARGE was the best remaining Fisto card so we’ve expanded it.  Somehow, that and the solid FORCE PUSH cards of his never seem to be enough offense.  Fisto always seems unable to contribute to the game in any way.  We’ve added the INSIGHTFUL ATTACK cards but they somehow haven’t helped.

Playing Fisto: In theory, Fisto is well-rounded and has a deep bag of tricks, but needs to play a patient, drawn-out game to achieve victory. CLONE CHARGE is a pretty formidable hit-and-run card and CLONE COMMANDER sets it up well, both cards to use early and often. When Fisto can get a decent defensive hand, he’s best up front, where he can use RICOCHET and FORCE PUSH to pile direct damage on a character and isolate a character while keeping heat off your teammate.  Play NAUTOLEAN INSIGHT on an enemy with a full hand of cards, follow up with INSIGHTFUL ATTACK for the kill, but don’t sit on IA if you get it early, use it if you need it.

Playing against Fisto: Fisto has strong defense but mediocre offense so you’re generally better off going after his teammate first. NAUTOLEAN INSIGHT can punish you for stockpiling your hand so if you get your cards, play them. Beware all characters with FORCE PUSH and its ability to isolate. Beyond that, attacking Fisto can lead to direct damage from RICOCHET but there isn’t much else to surprise you. He can be annoying with his hit-and-run game and his sturdy defense but any character will go down if you keep hitting him and Fisto will sooner than some others.




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