Cage Match

Cage Match is the tabletop game of head-to-head, mixed martial arts combat. The object of the game is to defeat your opponent, either by knockout via depleting either his head or body, or by submission via taking him down to the mat and successfully applying a submission move. Play with fighters of varying backgrounds, from boxing to freestyle wrestling to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Each player controls a mixed martial arts fighter within the same weight class, each with a specialty and 2 special moves that he or she can do. The heart of Cage Match is a system of simultaneous secret action selection.  Instead of using cards, you use the action pad to do any move, on any turn, as long you can pay the focus cost.  Just beware, because every move in Cage Match has a counter and there is still a roll of the dice!

Cage Match is tested hundreds of times with adults, children, MMA fans, non-fight fans, gamers and non-gamers.  It’s fast-moving, it’s strategic, and it’s fun.  Step into the cage with Cage Match.

All images and materials are owned by Romanfgames, LLC.

Initial layout by Nathan Paoletta, cover art by Eric Quigley.

Sell Sheet

1-page rules (11×17 version)

Component zip file

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